Guided Reading.

Great work last week Team 12, using your understanding of the author’s intent. We magpied so much vocabulary from Stitch Head by Guy Bass. We can now use his words and phrases in our suspense stories this week!

Well done and keep up the great work with our new guided reading – especially answering those difficult 3mark questions!

Mrs Haigh


Today was our first geography lessons of the half term and I was pleasantly surprised with the children’s prior knowledge of how to use an atlas and locate different countries in North America. We located and labelled the 23 countries and described their characteristics.

Well done everyone and keep up the great map work!

e-on Electricity Workshop


This week, Team 12 met Alan from the energy company e-on. They learned all about: how  electricity is formed; how to use it, not abuse it; how to save energy and how much energy different appliances use.

They then took part in a play about Lord Electrify and the energy suckers who wanted to steal all of the electricity on planet earth. Luckily, they were defeated by the amazing, brave eonators and all energy was restored!!

Mrs Jones and I were very proud of how all of the children took part in the day including acting and singing . We then performed to Team 9, 10 and 11 to get the message across about using electricity correctly and not wasting it.



Well done Team 12

Hook afternoon.

First day back and Team 12 were excited for our new topic – North America.

Team 12 mixed with Team 9 and reaserched specific places in North America (USA and Mexico). The children became the experts and gained knowledge of: population, flags, capitals, weather, food, fashion and so much more.

All of the children participated in the activities really well.

Science !


Today we were making graphs to present data from our shadow investigations. We used our results to write conclusions. Super proud of Damien and Chloe for their fantastic team work and production of superb graphs!


Mrs Haigh


Black History Week.

This week we are learning about the wonderful Malorie Blackman who is a children’s author.

She has written a variety of books including Pig Heart Boy, Tell Me No Lies, The Deadly Dare Mysteries, The Monster Crisp-Guzzler and many more.

Team 12 have been enjoying her work and have produced biographies about her very successful career and how she became an author and a well- know laureate.

This has been very interesting to learn about a new author and celebrate equality and success no matter your ethnicity.